Women in OSM Tech - What worked best for me.

Room: Auditorium 2

Friday, 15:30
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Anastazia Caroll

This proposal outlines my journey into the tech sector via OpenStreetMap (OSM) as a woman with no prior tech background. I’ll share my transformation from beginner mapper to proficient user, skilled in OSM mapping and QGIS for data analysis.In a field where women’s representation is limited, my involvement in OSM Tech stands as a testament to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity—an opportunity provided to me by OpenMap Development Tanzania (OMDTZ). I’ll show the significance of providing equal opportunities and a supportive environment for women in technology in OSM and highlight the potential of OSM as a catalyst for personal and professional advancement.

I aim to share, reflecting on the supportive environment that facilitated my growth while arguing for the importance of creating an inclusive space in OSM communities where women and other underrepresented groups can aspire to achieve anything.With less than a year in OSM Tech, I am already actively participating in organizational projects, including the solid waste management baseline survey—an area I am interested in as an environmental personnel. I will also share what has worked best for me and how I overcame challenges so that other women out there who want to take on the challenge can feel empowered and able to take the first steps