State of the Map 2024 will take place from 6 to 8 September 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya. We have created an exciting programme with you—the OpenStreetMap community. For the duration of the conference, we have rooms set aside for breakout sessions that can be booked by groups of mutual interest, or used without prior planning.

The programme below is still in a preliminary state: talks might still be shifted around by the programme committee and some remaining talks as well as the details of the academic track will be added soon.

Friday – September 6

Time (local) Auditorium 1 no recording Auditorium 2 no recording Workshops no recording
10:00 Opening Session
SotM Working Group
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 The OSM Spectrum
Pragya Pant, Rabina Poudyal
Tuning In to Local Needs: How OpenStreetMap Enhances USAID's Development Programming
Rory Nealon
Exporting high-quality Atlas maps in bulk by leveraging OpenStreetMap Data in QGIS
Johanes Petro Machela
12:00 Sustainable Transport on the Map
Taylor Reich
Mapping Populations, Mobilizations, and Territories in Medellín
Luis Sebastian Bravo Chacon
12:30 A Replicable Model for OpenStreetMap Training Programs in High Schools
Zacharia Muindi, Laura Mugeha
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Some Assembly Required
Sarah Hoffmann
Incorporating OpenStreetMap into Academic Curricula: Insights from GeoTE Tanzania's Five-Week Field Training programs with YouthMappers and Academic Partners
Erick Mnyali
Mapping the classroom with Every Door
Ilya Zverev
15:00 Setting the Stage for the Future of Web Based Mapping
Martin Raifer
Photo mapping from my village to Pharmacies and Addresses
15:30 A Novel Approach to Street-Level Data Collection: Using Customized Bajaji (tricycle) and Mapillary to Enrich OpenStreetMap in Dar es Salaam
benedcto adam
Women in OSM Tech - What worked best for me.
Anastazia Caroll
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 OSMF Funding
Daniela Waltersdorfer Jimenez
Community Capacity Building- Case Study OSM Kenya
Walter Mayeku, Mary Muthee
Hands-on data validation on OSM: best practices and tools
Michael Montani
17:00 On the Ground
Jochen Topf, Frederik Ramm
17:30 Lightning Talks I
SotM Working Group
Strengthening Collaboration between Organizations and Local Communities in West Africa Through the OSMer in Residence Program
Jorieke Vyncke, Yves Emmanuel NIKOYO EMOUGOU

Saturday – September 7

Time (local) Auditorium 1 no recording Auditorium 2 no recording Workshops no recording
10:30 OpenStreetMap and the GDPR
Andrew Hain
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 MapLibre Tiles: A Next Generation Vector Tiles Format specially designed for OSM data
Markus Tremmel
Reducing Swiggy’s dependency on Google Maps with OSM
Anushka Jain, Raghav Pawar, Ankit Gupta
OSM Wiki editing workshop
Mateusz Konieczny
12:00 Cloud-native OSM for Visualization & Analysis
Sajjad Anwar
GIS-based disaster management capacity building for Techwomen
12:30 Lightning Talks II
SotM Working Group
Improving data homogeneity across a country
Claire Halleux
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Download OSM data translated into your language using free software components and standard protocols
Séverin Ménard
Using OSM for Development: opportunities and challenges in large agencies
Erica Hagen
Easy Access to ohsome full history OSM contributions using cloud hosted GeoParquet
Benjamin Herfort
15:00 State of the art in combining OSM and Linked Data
Daniele Santini
15:30 The Journal of Importing Open Data Address in Taiwan into OpenStreetMap
Dennis Raylin Chen
Open mapping through tropical forest biodiversity conservation
Luis Sebastian Bravo Chacon
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 OSMF board – what are they even doing?
Mateusz Konieczny
Generating Ways with the Strava Heatmap
Derick Yang, Drew Robb
Build an OpenStreetMap walking tour with a free and open source video game
Paul Pickell
17:00 Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with OSM local groups
Martin Noblecourt
Catching OSM Up with External Data with a Workflow and Tools for Conflation and Validation
Stefan Keller
17:30 Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of Fuel Stations in Harare, Zimbabwe: Assessing Standard Construction Practices through Open Mapping for Hazard Zone Identification
Letwin, Kingsley Chika CHUKWU

Sunday – September 8

Time (local) Auditorium 1 no recording Workshops no recording
09:30 AI and Open Source Mapping
Muhammad Saleem
Get to know OSGeo and expand Your Open Mapping Toolkit
Laura Mugeha
10:00 openrouteservice version 8 - Experiences and insights from 10+ years of running and providing a global OSM-driven, free and open-source routing engine
Julian Psotta
10:30 How to develop your own style of OpenMapTiles with your favarite editor?
Taro Matsuzawa
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 The Current State of Collaboration between Digital Twin and OSM
Taichi Furuhashi
The worst and best of OpenStreetMap in Ghana (Africa)
Enock Seth Nyamador
12:00 Do we need 11 000 shop=* values?
Mateusz Konieczny
12:30 Lightning Talks III
SotM Working Group
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Go Out And Map
Ilya Zverev
From Source to Map: Strategies for Integrating External Data into OpenStreetMap
Amour Nyalusi
15:00 OSMF Board AMA
Sarah Hoffmann, Mateusz Konieczny, Craig Allan, Daniela Waltersdorfer Jimenez, OSMF board, Arnalie Vicario, Guillaume Rischard, Roland Olbricht
16:00 Coffee and Snacks
16:30 Closing Session
SotM Working Group

Self organized sessions

Besides the main programme of SotM we offer space for self-organized sessions for discussions about topics that well placed in smaller rounds. The only requirement that we have to your topic is that it has to be related to OpenStreetMap. For on-site self-organized sessions, we will set up a white board at the conference venue to reserve a time slot and room. The only requirements we have is that the participants have a conference ticket which grants them access to the conference platform that we use and that they abide to the conference's Code of Conduct.