Go Out And Map

Room: Auditorium 1

Sunday, 14:30
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Ilya Zverev

So you want to improve the map of your village or city. How do you do that — install Mapillary and go cycling? Print a map and use a pen to draw over it? Install an editor app and go tapping buttons? Just try to remember everything and bring it home to map in JOSM? Let’s see what tools we have and how to make the best map with no money and lots of enthusiasm.

Ground surveying for OpenStreetMap has been my passion for 14 years. In this time I tried virtually everything: from drawing walking papers by hand or printing them, to making photos, audio notes, using mobile editors, even building a hardware thing to attach to a car wheel. Ultimately I want to help everybody to collect as much data for OSM as possible, with the best quality attainable. And in this talk, I will dig some of the surveying history, as well as demonstrate a few modern ways, including the new notes mode present in Every Door app. You would definitely want to go out and map after seeing this talk.