From Source to Map: Strategies for Integrating External Data into OpenStreetMap

Room: Workshops

Sunday, 14:30
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Amour Nyalusi

Maintaining data quality while uploading large datasets to OpenStreetMap from external sources like KoboToolbox can feel overwhelming. This workshop tackles that challenge head-on! We’ll guide participants through the process of integrating the data into OSM, ensuring its integrity every step of the way. Participants will master data conversion techniques to bridge the gap between external collection formats and OSM’s structure. They will learn how to avoid duplicates and data loss while maintaining accuracy during upload using the JOSM editor. By the end, they will be equipped to confidently contribute valuable community data to OpenStreetMap and empower their fellow mappers.

A case study of projects such as the Nationwide School Feeding Programme Census and the Nationwide Mills Census conducted in Tanzania by OpenMap Development Tanzania-OMDTZ, where massive datasets were successfully uploaded to OSM (mills and schools data across Tanzania).

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for mappers, data collectors, and anyone who wants to leverage large datasets collected through tools like KoboToolbox to enrich OpenStreetMap.

Key Learnings: Data Wrangling: Master data conversion techniques to convert datasets from other format into a structure compatible with OpenStreetMap. Quality Assurance: participants will learn how to avoid duplicates and data loss while maintaining data integrity throughout the upload process using validation tools and other best practices. Data Stewardship: participants will grasp the importance of data attribution and version control to ensure transparency and proper credit for uploaded information.

Software Focus: The workshop will primarily leverage JOSM, a user-friendly tool for editing and uploading geospatial data in OpenStreetMap. Additional software for data conversion from other formats may be introduced, depending on the specific format of the data.