The worst and best of OpenStreetMap in Ghana (Africa)

Room: Workshops

Sunday, 11:30
Duration: 60 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Enock Seth Nyamador

Africa is huge, publicly available imagery in OSM might not always be up-to-date but massive data is being created with old imagery in many parts of the continent. Using Ghana as a case study we will dive into this rabbit hole, see and learn to improve data quality in OpenStreetMap.

In this long talk / workshop we will travel through Ghana on OpenStreetMap to discover issues and results of organised mapping activities that live in OSM almost forever; data in most cases is not usable. In doing this we will explore tools, methods and good practices to be aware of when contributing to OpenStreetMap in Ghana and somewhere else on the Africa continent either as an individual or organisation.

In this workshop, I also share fundamental requirements and recommendations to follow when getting started with OpenStreetMap in Ghana (Africa) & planning massive organised mapping activities. In the end, we see what we create and how we can make data in OpenStreetMap really usable and meaningful.